Peanut Butter Bliss Balls 2 Ways

I love bliss balls. Easy to make, healthy and provides us with long lasting energy. My husband loves them as well, so much he one harvest ate about ten a day and then started wondering if I had shrunk he’s pants in the wash.

These little blissful, peanut buttery, balls are perfect for that 3pm slump (which might very well enter at 11am if you’re a mum…) and great for your kiddies too. No nasty ingredients, all natural and wholesome.

When I make bliss balls I often start with a base mix, roll half of it into balls and the add some extra flavour to the other one. The base mix on these balls are quick oats, maple syrup or honey, hot water and a whole jar of peanut butter with chia and other seeds. If the pb hasn’t got salt I also add a pinch of that because salt does make everything better. Although make sure you don’t over salt it because that’s not tasty, a tiny sprinkle goes a long way.

After I’ve rolled a heap of balls I added some cocoa powder and mixed it through thoroughly before rolling. Then bam! You’re done! I like my balls to be kept in the fridge so they stay a bit hard, perfect with a warm cup of tea!

The recipe below is an estimate only as I never use an actual recipe I just mix away until I think it’s a good ball consistency. So add whatever you think it needed of more oats etc to keep it rollable!



Makes…about 25 but completely depends on how large you want them!


3 cups organic quick oats (rolled works too!)

1 cup of organic peanut butter

0,5 cup organic maple syrup

0,25 cup hot water

0,25 cup organic cacao powder


1. Place all ingredients but the cacao in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. If the mix is too wet/ too crumbly add more pb or a little water.

2. Roll half of the batter into balls.

3. Add cacao to the leftover batter and mix throughly. Then roll the rest into balls.

4. Done!

They will keep in the fridge for aaaages! But they might disappear really quickly too..

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