Vegan Strawberry Fool

There’s a Swedish children’s book by Astrid Lindgren called Madicken and in it the little sister Lisabet tells her sister that she loves “goodberry fool, fool and other fool” and that’s what she prefers eating. And why wouldn’t you? It’s delicious and takes no time to make. Perfect for breakfast stirred through a bit of yogurt, as a summery afternoon snack or as a lovely dessert with a bit of coconut cream and crumbly almond biscuit.

Every time we eat this kind of strawberry compote in my house I think of summer mornings reading that book on the veranda while scoffing down mum’s strawberry fool. Fool is the best translation I could find for this “kräm”, it’s a sort of compote but with a bit of potato flour making it silky and wonderful. It also works just as well with any other berries too, just adjust the syrup/sweetener added as needed. Gooseberries for example are a lot more tart and need a bit extra to not feel too acidic!



500g of fresh organic strawberries

100 ml water

2 tbsp organic brown rice syrup or other sweetener of choice (make sure you don’t use honey if you plan to give it to your baby if he/she is under 12 months).

2 heaped tbsp potato flour

2 tbsp water


1. Trim strawberries and cut in half or quarters depending on size.

2. Place berries, honey and the 100ml of water in pot and boil until berries are completely soft.

2. Place the potato flour in a glass and mix in the 2tbsp of water then add while stirring to the berries. It will thicken up quickly so take off the heat while stirring.

3. Serve warm with cream or ice cream or let cool. So delicious and so summery!

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